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A Unique Concept


We Provide our patrons with a unique dining experience, the first of its kind in Kuwait.

Fresh seafood sourced from only the trusted and best markets, cooked in Dampa style, served on the table

An opportunity for you to get away from modern-day technological distractions and enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Thank you for patronising Dampa Feast. You have an abundant choice of restaurants to entertain you but we wanted to give you something unique , a moment of true enjoyment over the table with family and friends, with the succulent taste of seafood crafted with love and passion .

With Dampa Feast, we are pioneering a fresh approach to your dining experience. Freshly sourced and prepared seafood is served in a boodle fight style for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Here, you must be prepared to put away the modern day technological distractions. The complete focus is on the sharing, the conversations, the dining experience. And, our team strives to provide the best possible experience for you.

I look forward to your genuine feedback about what we are doing well at Dampa Feast and where we need to improve. Listening to our patrons is very important for us and you can rest assured that your voice will be heard. I thank you in advance for your time and input.

Ahlan !, hope to see you again at Dampa Feast.

Mr. Wilson Varghese
Group CEO
The Dampa Story..

is inspired from the life story of a fisherman who humbly lives with his wife on the seashore under a modest and small nipa hut. The fisherman wouldn't be able to maintain to the fullest their nipa hut as he usually spends the maximum of his determination on the harbor. His passion for responsible fishing takes him always on whirlwind trips which he really enjoys and enables him to bring back home the freshest catches of the ocean treasure. While the fisherman's wife takes responsibility on enhancing the succulence of the geat catches. She has a great passion in cooking that enables her to apply precision of unique flavors using secret herbs & spices.
Until one afternoon, the fisherman invited over few locals from the neighbourhood to have lunch in their place as he had a bountiful catch from the morning. The people discovered the talent of the fisherman's wife in cooking. Folks were really satisfied with the flavorful lunch. From that day of memorable fulling feast, the neighborhood started to appreciate and initiated what they could share to the generous couple.
The overwhelming response and appreciation of the people around them gave the idea and convinced the fisherman to transform their small nipa hut to modify it and make the place wider yet still a humble space for a seafood restaurant. That moment they started the venture of sharing combination of their freshest catch and awesome flavors considered as the best in their town. The fisherman wants their patrons to experience the beautiful unique way of eating by using their bare hands. This unique way greatly gives the people the one of a kind memorable experience..

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